Where do the QLTS candidates come from?

Posted on 08 November, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ

QLTS School’s records indicate that 28% of applications in 2011 for the QLTS course came from US attorneys, followed by Australia (19%), Germany (9%) and Italy, Spain and India (8% each).

Personally I was quite surprised to find out that just 9% were from Spain. Let me explain why. The Consejo General de la abogacía española (updated December 2010) stated that the total number of lawyers working in Spain that year was 168,485. I found a graph (on the link below) which compared the number of lawyers within the Member States of the European Union and Spain seemed to have one of the highest numbers. I assumed (incorrectly) that more Spanish lawyers would have tried their luck abroad especially given the current crisis and high unemployment rate... Well maybe it is time they consider this option more seriously...

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El Periódico de Catalunya

Posted on November 06, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ

The percentage of students from Catalonia who get European scholarships is the lowest in Spain. Between the years of 2005 and 2009 the Erasmus participation rate increased by 2,5% while the rest of Spain increased by 6%.
The main cause is the lack of funding. The European Union provides €135 monthly and “el Ministerio de Educación” adds €193 per student. Anything beyond this needs to be provided by the autonomous communities, universities and banks. Since Catalan university system does not stand out Catalunya is seeking additional aid.
This was the main subject of the story titled <<Solo dos de cada 100 universitarios catalanes tienen becas en Europa>> published today by El Periódico a morning daily newspaper in Spain. There is another story on the same topic titled <<La experiencia de tres “erasmus” catalanas>> which has been broken down in three different stories. One of them <<Falta mentalidad internacional>> is about my personal case. On Friday I was interviewed by Begoña Arce from El Periódico. It was a really relaxed chat about my studies, future projects and personal opinion on the low-level of Erasmus participation in Catalonia.
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Posted on October 30, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ 

As you all probably know by now the new SRA handbook has been released. It came into effect on 6 October 2011 and apparently it looks very different from the 2007 Code according to the SRA. Not very good news for all of us who have studied the old one, eh?

So all of you who are taking the course offered by the QLTS beware there is a new manual coming out soon!!