Where do the QLTS candidates come from?

Posted on 08 November, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ

QLTS School’s records indicate that 28% of applications in 2011 for the QLTS course came from US attorneys, followed by Australia (19%), Germany (9%) and Italy, Spain and India (8% each).

Personally I was quite surprised to find out that just 9% were from Spain. Let me explain why. The Consejo General de la abogacía española (updated December 2010) stated that the total number of lawyers working in Spain that year was 168,485. I found a graph (on the link below) which compared the number of lawyers within the Member States of the European Union and Spain seemed to have one of the highest numbers. I assumed (incorrectly) that more Spanish lawyers would have tried their luck abroad especially given the current crisis and high unemployment rate... Well maybe it is time they consider this option more seriously...

Here is the link! 


  1. Raquel,

    Hope your preparations are going well. May I ask why your post of 5 Nov 2011 was taken down?

    I agreed with some of the comments on it, that the materials were indeed sub-par and had the law wrong on quite a number of occasions.

    Wondering whether QLTSchool applied pressure and asked you to remove the post and the comments on it.

    - fellow QLTS candidate

  2. Hey!
    Your blog is very helpful for all of us studying for the QLTS. I am in london but I am not tempted to study from the materials provided by the QLTS school especially because of the prohibitive high cost. Are there any other materials you could recommend?

  3. Raquel, supongo que eres espan-ola, yo también. Voy a prepararme para el examen QLTS que me gustaría hacer en junio(en la próxima convocatoria) y me gustaría, si fuera posible, ponerme en contacto contigo para que me contases tu experiencia y hacerte algunas preguntas. Yo estoy viviendo en Londres y aquí me quedaré por un tiempo, si estuvieras aquí me gustaría invitarte a un café y sino por vía teléfono o mail. Me puedes encontrar en facebook por Clara Fernández Puiggrós. Muchísimas gracias por esta web que es muy útil!!
    Un saludo,

  4. hi raquel,

    thanks for the blog, its very helpful and theres hardly anything out there. i assume you're sat todays MCT, how was it? i hope it went well.. i live in london too and as im planning on taking the next QLTS exam i would love to get in touch and get your feedback on things, and clara you too! how do you know that the next exam is in june? i cant get any infor about when its going to be...im getting ready for the next MCT too.... do get in touch, we might be able to help each other out. ive studied english law so might have some grasp of the material. I'm not on facebook but please feel free to email me on nadiach@gmail.com, it would be great to discuss this with someone.

    i look forward to hearing from you.



  5. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the late response guys! I've been very busy lately and working on my blog hasn't been a very high priority unfortunately...
    I just want to start by congratulating everybody who sat the exam on the 23th of January. For those of you who were successful and have passed... well done! For those of you who weren't so lucky don't be discouraged! This is not an easy ride. Fortunately the next exam will take place very soon so you wont have to wait long to have another go.

    Anonymous, I really appreciate your comment but I don't feel comfortable commenting on it any more.

    Mahin, how is your study going? Did you find anything else apart from the QLTS School materials? If you did so please let us know how you are finding it so far.

    Clara and Nadia, I am not allowed to talk about the MCT at all! If you guys have any concerns which are not related to the test I will be more than happy to be of assistance. You will find this link very useful: www.kaplanqlts.com/ Please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Many thanks,

    Raquel Rodríguez