Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) Multiple Choice Test (MCT) Results

Posted on 13 February, 2012 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ 


  1. Congratulations! How did u do it? I am now studying in order to sit the MCT in July and I must say I am a bit over my head ... I am a greek lawyer and I am trying to find my way through the common law regime ... not very easy when there is nobody to help! do you have any books to recommend? I started with business law (it is closer to my field of speciality) but I have no idea what to read about the rest ... any suggestion is more than welcome!
    again congratulations and good luck with the rest of the exams!

  2. Greeting Sir:

    Congratulations on passing the MCT part of the QLTS exams!

    I am a Filipino law student who is aspiring to migrate to the the UK by the passing the QLTS exams after I pass our local bar exams. If it would be alright, I have some questions regarding recognition as a solicitor in the UK after passing the QLTS exams because I'm a still a bit confused with QLTS. Here are some questions:

    1. Assuming that I pass the QLTS exams, would it still be necessary for me to apply to an existing law firm as a trainee solicitor or can I work as a private solicitor on my own?
    2. Would passing be the QLTS exams be a sufficient reason to apply for a working visa in the UK or should I be hired by a UK law firm first?
    3. In your opinion, in the UK legal world, are foreigners discriminated by the UK firms when hiring trainee solicitors?

    I'm Asian so I'm sort of worried that even if I miraculously pull off the QLTS exams, I might end up as unemployed and unable to migrate because of discrimination and the employment requirement.

    I hope you could find time to answer some of my queries. Your advice and comments would be a big help to this humble law student's future plans.

    Again, congratulations on passing!

    Sincerely yours,
    Rex =)