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Posted on July 17, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRÍGUEZ

Since I started this blog my curiosity has been focused on what concerns people about the QLTS. After doing some research I found time was a big issue. Figuring out how much preparation was needed for the QLTS exasperated students. To tell the truth I’ve been struggling with this myself. I was planning to take the Multiple Choice Test on July 7th. Unfortunately I had to postpone as I had not read through all the manuals and had not yet received one of them from the QLTS School (which I am still waiting for by the way…) The next date for the MCT hasn’t been confirmed but it is likely to be around December.
There are a few things you should take into account when making your study plan. For instance will you take a course that provides the basic information and structure or find the material and study on your own, what jurisdiction did you study in, did you study or practice with Civil or Common Law, are you a native English speaker or will you need to take the English language test, how much time do you have to dedicate to studying and is there someone who can help you if you're having problems. It also depends what kind of success you are going for. In other words, do you just want to pass the exam or do you really want to learn and understand how the English legal system operates.
In my case I decided to follow the course set out by the QLTS school. My experience with Common Law and English legal terminology was limited so I would have struggled without some guidance. I originally aimed to be ready in 3 months but will now have about 8 months to prepare for the first exam. This might seem like a long time but remember there are no classes to attend, no teachers to check with and no classmates to discuss problems with, it is just you and the material.
Although there is certainly plenty of work to do, in my opinion having a balanced life is a priority. You should not focus all your energy on studying for the QLTS and try to have some variety so when it’s time to study you feel fresh. Going out and having fun is just as important as being at home preparing for this exam. For instance, last night after my Chinese class I met with some friends for a typical English pub quiz. I was hopping to be asked about some English legal stuff… you know… like how many members are in the House of Commons or what titles the Presidents of each of the 3 High Court Divisions have… however knowing that the latest Beyonce album is called 4 would have been more helpful… Oh well… I suppose the QLTS stuff will be more useful than Beyonce in finding a job… I had a lovely time anyway! Thanks Leigh, Tina and Steve!
… And just for the record the House of Commons consists of 650 members and the Presidents of each of the 3 High Court Divisions have the following titles: QBD-Lord Chief Justice, Chancery Division-Lord Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and Family Division-The President of the Family Division.

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