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Posted on July 28, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ

I would like to start this entry by letting you know the content may not be the most stimulating today. However if you are planning to take the QLTS assessments you should find it quite helpful. If you are a non legal friend of mine I will understand if you do not finish this. Just try to skip any conversation about my blog until I have written the next entry... No regrets at all! but it doesn't hurt to be polite and hide the truth which is you couldn't care less about how to get a certificate of eligibility. Well, fair enough then.

So let's get this started. There are two important things you will need to get before sitting the assessments for the QLTS. First is a certificate of good standing from your bar association and then the certificate of eligibility from the SRA.

Your certificate of good standing will show that you have successfully completed your studies in law, don't have any criminal record and have been paying your fees to the bar association with no delays.

So first thing I did was to contact my bar association which is located in Barcelona. I filled out the appropriate form and indicated what language I wanted this document to be written in. Here it was! My first mistake. I didn't read through the guidance notes properly and (incorrectly) assumed that the certificate of good standing needed to be in English. Rookie mistake! The SRA asks for the original one which will be written in the language of your home jurisdiction. Had I read it thoroughly I would have saved sixty pounds and two weeks of mucking around.

The next thing you need to do is check out this website and download the application for the certificate of eligibility. Do not forget to read the guidance notes carefully! Make sure you do everything by the book so your application doesn't take longer than it actually needs to. If there is a single mistake your application will be sent back to you. Therefore, double check every page. You will also be asked to attached a certified copy of your passport. If you are unsure of what to do check this out...

You will also need to attach two passport sized photographs so say CHEESE!

Having completed the application and attached the relevant documents it is time to pay (the hardest part for any Catalan) so be ready with a cheque for £400 or go onto the SRA website and download the pay by debit card form. Thereafter you will need to send everything to the SRA. If you have done everything correctly you will receive a big envelop from the SRA with your certificate of eligibility inside. This confirms that you are entitled to practise law in your home jurisdiction and have no criminal record, disciplinary actions or other issues related to your background.

The last step will be to contact Kaplan QLTS directly by email or by phone for details of the assessment dates and venues.

I hope that is helpful, it sounds much easier than I found it to be in reality... the joy of hindsight.

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  1. I am one on you 'non-legal' followers and find your blog immensly intersting. I chose to ignore your polite warning and read on.

    I am currently in the early stages of a career change and am bogged down by paperwork and protocol, so take some comfort in the fact that it's not just me that can sometimes find it all a bit baffling.

    Your advice is sound advice for anyone in a similar situation. If only there was a blog like yours for all sectors. Keep up the good work and thank you! x