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Posted on August 08, 2011 by RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ

Any idea what this is about? Well... The date for the next MCT exam has finally been set! This means it is time to come up with a study plan. Thankfully the SRA has a suggested study guide to help candidates prepare.

The 11 outcomes you need to be up to date with are:
A1 English Legal System, European Union
A2 Constitutional Law
A3 Professional Conduct, Solicitors' Accounts
A4 The Regulatory framework, Money Laundering, Financial Services, Taxation
A5 Contract Law
A6 Torts
A7 Criminal Law
A8 Property Law
A9 Equitable Rights and Obligations
A10 Human Rights
A11 Business Law

Not too bad... Nearly six months to cover these 11 outcomes. I plan to read through all the materials I have collected two or three times to start then move on to other study techniques. Remember this is a closed-book test which means candidates will not be allowed to take anything with them. Therefore, study hard!!! Keep in mind that to read and to study are quite different. “Read” means to look at carefully so as to understand the meaning of. "Study" means application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge. Regardless of how you describe what needs to be done, make sure you know these 11 outcomes thoroughly.

I have been studying part time for the QLTS since March and the fact that I have to do everything on my own still makes me feel kind of lost at times. Throughout my years of university I thrived in lectures, tutorials and study groups. Working independently in a second language is tough. In order to make the study more appealing I have tried all sorts of things. Organising the booklets or material by outcomes, by sizes, in piles I have read through and those I have not, hiding manuals in my wardrobe and leaving the rest on my desk to reduce the visual impact, studying at home, in the library, in the park... Frankly it has made no difference! If you are preparing yourself for the QLTS it will be challenging. I have to do all sorts of things and talk to all sorts of people to keep my motivation levels up. Sometimes it is only Jack Johnson’s music that gets me up to study in the morning.

If you feel the same way, don't hesitate to leave your feedback as a comment on my blog, I would love to hear how other people are dealing with this.

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